Yummy Yummy Coconut Burfi

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Sweets are something you don't see in my blog often. Am more interested in taking the sweet rather than making one. On our 6th Wedding Anniversary, need to impress my hubbie dear who brought me iPhone, decided to make Coconut Burfi inspired by Mahanandi.

Mahanandi is a great cook and as per same instructions, did the coconut burfi and it was same as her, very soft and chewy.


Grated Coconut- 3 tumblers
Sugar - 2.5 tumblers
Water -1.5 tumbler
A tray greased with ghee( for pouring the cooked mixtures)


1) Grate the coconut or cut the coconut and put it in mixie.
2) In a kadai with water, add sugar.Cook the sugar syrup until it reaches soft-ball consistency. That is, When you drop little bit in cold water, this should come as a soft ball. Please Note here:- You will get it after 10- 15 minutes (appx). My mom used to wait till she gets"rendu pagam" in tamil.
3)Simultaneously , add coconut and keep on stirring for about 5-10 minutes, till it comes thick and mixture is reduced in t half and easily comes away easily from the sides of the Kadai. Is time to turn off and pour it in to the big circle plate.

As soon its turns warm, with the help of knife cut in to squares.Store it in the cool place within a tight container.

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