Indian Senaikizhangu Roasttt ...Yam Roast...

Atlast, I am coming back to half form ( yet to come to full form) with blogging and stuff. Am really sorry for those who have visited my blog to check the recipes. As a mom of 1 year old , and shifted the place from Chennai to Bangalore ...Kept me really busy. As of now, I am kinda settled and back with the Delicious Home Recipes.

How many days, would I thought of taking pictures and write it down in my blog. Atlast, today is the Day for me to start and should continue to do it. Let me stop talking and continue what i have come to do.Today is the simple and very yummy side dish which everybody, especially kids will relish it. Its Senaikizhangu ROast.

Usually, in US, you get the frozen Yam and you just cut it and fry it, which doesn't match the tastes of Indian Yam...It was difficult to cut it as the skin was very hard but it was easy later to cut in to small squares.The beauty lies in how you cut the yam. You got to keep it small squares.Just see the picture, you may understand how small.You need a little bit more patience..! Ughhh what? Yeah, you heard it...


Yam /Senaikizhangu - 1/2 Kilo or If you have frozen, go with one packets or two .
Mustard- 1 spn
Curry leaves
Asafoetida - a pinch
Turmeric powder- 1/2 tsp
Chilli powder - 1/2 to 1 tsp
Salt and oil


1) Cut the yam curry in to small squares , Chopped finely and wash it. Keep in on the cloth or under the fan to dry all the water.
2) After 15 mts, In a kadai with oil , put the turmeric ,yam and curry leaves and start to fry. It may take a more oil but you can keep in less oil and simmer the fire.
3) Atleast it will take 20 mts to fry and after that you can sprinkle chilli powder and fry for 5 mts. is ready.:)

Note: If you like peanuts, you can add it along with Yam and fry it. It tastes wonderful. Since I am not interested in peanuts, i din't add. :)

Try it and let me know...:)

You might have seen this recipe in my own blog along with Traditional Recipes. But this is special Indian Yam curry by Mom's style .

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