Never Too Late For Christmas Spirit

Wow - only 8 days to Christmas! & nbsp;Where did the time go? & nbsp;I don't know about you, but I've been super busy at work. & nbsp;Instead of things slowing down, it seems this year everyone is trying to squeeze in meetings and wrap up projects all at once. & nbsp;With my nose in the computer -- usually researching Medicare regulations -- it's no wonder I haven't felt very festive. & nbsp;Yuck!

But this morning, our daycare had a parent's-day-out/holiday party for the kiddos. & nbsp;Sweet! & nbsp;A few hours to myself any Saturday morning would be awesome. & nbsp;Today I enjoyed the chance to go to my favorite local gift shop to round up some stocking stuffers. & nbsp;Christmas music. & nbsp;Decorations and ornaments twinkling everywhere. & nbsp;Old fashioned candy to choose from. & nbsp;And no one to rush me. & nbsp;JOY!

Labradorite Filigree Bells
Have you been bogged down at work, too? & nbsp;Did the holidays sneak up on you? & nbsp;If so, don't sweat it. & nbsp;Grab a cup of spiced cider, put on your fuzzy slippers, and browse these twinkling beauties. & nbsp;I ship USPS Priority. & nbsp;Order this weekend and chances are you will still get a bit of My Bead Therapy by Christmas. & nbsp;I even do the wrapping for you by sending it in a gorgeous gift box. & nbsp;So, let the worries melt away and enjoy yourself.

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