Snakgourd Curry- Podalanga poriyal

After a long time, i am back to blogging. Its been ages since I had thoughts about blog, Sorry for being bad at it.My 1 year old daughter is keeping me busy round the clock. Once I come to India, I thought blog is much easier than US, but it turned to be much worst. I couldnt find time to sit before system at all,except for checking mails which hardly takes 2 mts. Every time, when I eat, i think of taking pictures and blog about it but i never know, eating is such a big thing over here.

Today, I wanted to make it to the blog and start keeping in track of it. Not only that,we have a big function coming in, Daughter's ayusha homam. So things are pretty tight here. Now, back to the recipe.

According to the source of Ayurvedam, Snake gourd is useful in restoring the disordered processes of nutrition. It creates a cooling effect in the body which is what we need in summer. And for pure vegetarians, adding Moong dal/paitham parupu is also a good source of nutrition to the body.This is very easy to make and sure kids will adore it. You can have this with Rice and Chapati.


Snake gourd/Podalanga- 3 cut in to small chunks
Paitham parupu/Moong dal- 1/2 cup
Mustard- 1 spn
Urad dal/ulutham parupu - 1 spn
Molagavathal/Long red chillies - 2
Salt and oil


1) In a cooker, keep the Snakegourd/Podalanga in a separate container and Paitham parupu/Moong dal in a separate container and give one or two whistle to it. You make sure that, both are not mushy when you take out of the cooker. Just cook it like sundal.
2) Once it is done, In a kadai with oil, put the mustard and wait till it splutters. Add the urad dal and Molagavathal. Once it is done, put the cooked mixture of Podalanga and Paitham parupu and add salt. Dont forget to put lots of curry leaves and add a pinch of Asafoetida.

Ta.......Da. It is done! Its very simple isn't?

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