Happy New Year and Best of 2008

Hi ..Wish you all Happy New year 2009. May God bless you with prosperity and love. Peace to all.

Here comes the Best of 2008.

2008 was a wonderful year to me.I couldn't forget each and every day of my life, since I was blessed with a wonderful daughter, Sai Amrita on April 20th,2008. She turned my boring life to fabulous life and made me "Mother" which is the proudest post of everyone's life.It looks like a fraction of a second but I wonder I was waiting for this moment of my life.Actually she shares her birthday with her Grandmother.

Since then, she has been a wonderful flower to me and my life.Though, naughty now and then, she is such a sweetheart to everybody.I could say more and more about her now...but let me stop here and see what she is doing now.;)

Now comes the Best of 2008 (Food):

See, everything is the best in 2008 ...I wish the same in 2009....

I started 2008 with mini-meals which included Baigan Bartha, Dal, Chapati .

The next one , everybody loves and I love it very much. Filter Coffee...

Ofcourse, the first half of the year was filled with snow..So why not go with Pav Bhaji.

Then comes the Romantic part of it...Cabbage Kofta which my husband liked it very much.

Then it was the last trimester, I was about nearing my Due date where i enjoyed preparing Ennai Kathirikai Kozhambu ( Eggplant Curry)

Its the D day...My sweet daughter was born on April 20th, 2008.Aww....I love you, Sai Amrita :)

After a long time, very long time, I was back with Rajma :)Before , it was pure Pathiya Samayal.

By the end of the year, two favourable sweets came out well.. One is Semiya Payasam and other one is Badam Alwa in Just 15 mts.

Yeah...Thats it!... I wish I could send this entry before Dec 31st to Srivalli who hosted this Best of 2008, But couldnt do it. So , Here I am...:)

Thanks for taking some time for this. and am so glad I made lots of friends thro' Blogging and you guys!!!

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