Burned more calories for Potato Curry

We have been waiting for this day. TOday is the day where I am going to do potato fry.Its such a delicious vegetable.But you see, since my husband started working out ,I have been doing very less potato stuff,or should I say, I don't even do it.How more days should I be without it? OH :( So...I decided today is the day.
Eventhough, its just potato fry, today is D day to relish eating it.

First ,when we decided that am going to do potato curry, we made sure that it is Sunday so that he can be at home.For why, to just burn more calories at gym and eat potatoes.I know, i sound so much but it is just the matter of fact.I made onion sambar to go with it.


potatoes - 12 (if small)
Onion -1 chopped big chunk
Turmeric powder - 1 spn
Chilli powder - 1 spn
Mustard and Ural dal - 1 spn(Each)
More oil and salt.


I separated this potatoes in to two and did it twice to make it more crisp and fried.(hehehe)

1) In a kadai with oil , put the mustard and wait till it splutters.then add urad dal and onions and fry them for a while.keep it aside.
2) In the same kadai with little bit more oil, add 1/2 separated potatoes and fry till it becomes brown and keep it aside once it is done.
3) Then add the remaining part of Potatoes and fry it.

Once it is done, mix everything in the kadai and fry for 1 mt. This all process will surely take 20-25 mts.So Are you ready to burn calories or eat potatoes?

Sorry guys, Couldn't add the picture. Some problem with the camera and I couldnt restore the photos taken:(. But its okay, will have another chance to make potatoe curry again and will add the picture.:)

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