Special Uppu Kozhakattai – Mother’s special

Everyday is a special day since me and my daughter came to my mother's place. There is not one single day without any special item. That is the specialty of Mother's place. Today , the special item is Salt Kozhakattai (Uppu Kozhkattai). More than the sweet, the salt one is my favourite and my mother is very special in making that. In the name of my daughter, we both made it .

TO make this kozhakattai, it takes a little bit of our time but its worth making it . Its also tougher for the first time maker, but you get used to it. That's why I have made a step-by-step illustration on how to make this kozhakattai. Usually, on Sankatahara Chaturti or the even of Vinayaga Chaturti, this kozhakattai is made and offered to Lord Ganesha. As he likes this very much, it is tasty and we also like it too. Its irresistible and fun to make. You can involve your kids to make this after you try it first. So, here it goes .


Urad dal – ½ cup soaked in water and grind coarsely
Arisi flour or Raw rice – ½ cup grind Nicely
Mustard –
Udaitha Ulutham parupu/Split Urad dal – 1 spn
Turmeric powder – ½ spn
Curry leaves and Coriander leaves – As needed
Salt & amp; Oil and Water.


There are 2 main steps to make and let me explain one by one.

Arisi Mavu :-

1) In a kadai with ¾ water , add ½ spn of Coconut Oil/Thengai ennai and let it come to boil.
2) Add Arisi flour and salt and stir it continuously till it never sticks to the kadai. It should come like a single ball and never stick in your hand. This will surely take 20 mts.
3) Once it is done, Keep a wet cloth ready and put the arisi mavu in that and close the wet cloth and keep it aside.

Ulundu Making ( Stuff Urad dal):

1) Keep the grinded Urad dal in the cooker for 10 -15 mts with no whistle. After it is cooled, place it under fan to cool.
2) In a kadai with oil, Put the mustard and let it splutter . Wait and put the Urad dal and Turmeric powder. Also, put curry leaves and urad dal and fry for 5 minutes. Garnish with Coriander leaves and keep it aside.

After making the two main things, Arisi mavu and the stuff ulundu , you can now start making the kozhakattai .

Here is the step by step illustration of making Kozhakattai

After that, Place the arisi mavu in wetcloth and close it for a while.Make sure it is fully closed, otherwise, the open areas may get dried. Then, you have to apply Coconut oil again to make it soft.

Then, follow these steps to end the process of making KOzhakattai. While doing this, keep 2-3 tsp of Coconut oil and water separately in a small vessell. You can just apply oil in your fingers or hand while doing this, for not sticking and water to close the stuffed.

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