Fresh Start for the New Year

It's a whole new year! & nbsp;So, I'm taking the bull by the horns and doing something I should have done a while ago. & nbsp;I'm moving ...

No, not literally. & nbsp;Though it almost feels like it! & nbsp;

As many of you likely know, Facebook does not allow you to change the title of your business page unless you have less than 100 fans. & nbsp;(When I first tried to change it, they wouldn't let you change it, period. & nbsp;Then they said if you had less than 100 fans, but by then I had more than that.) & nbsp;I made a silly mistake when I first created my page. & nbsp;I named my page with the full website name - as in "" & nbsp;I thought it would help drive traffic to my main website. & nbsp;I did not foresee the evolutions of FB making it so that people could not easily refer others to my FB page because the name would automatically create a link to the outside site. & nbsp;I also did not think about the fact that no one would think to search for a business page that starts with "www." & nbsp;Lol. & nbsp;I'm really not sure how I was ever found by more than 100 people! :)

So, to resolve this issue, the only option was to create a new page. & nbsp;From scratch. & nbsp;And hope -- with all my fingers and toes crossed -- that the bulk of you that have followed my page, supported and encouraged me, and shared with me your pages, too, would follow me over to my new page. & nbsp;Pretty please, with sugar on top?! :)

Come find me, "like" me, and continue to share with me at MyBeadTherapy.
And let's ring in a fabulous New Year together!

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