A Final Toast to 2011

Whew! & nbsp;2011 is going, going ... gone! & nbsp;I don't know that I hated it enough to say "good riddance" and mean it, but it did cross my mind!

It wasn't all bad, though. & nbsp;I am sure some smart aleck somewhere would say it was "character-building." & nbsp;Frankly though, I think I've had just about all the character I can stand. & nbsp;The last several years have all been years full of "growing pains." & nbsp;I think we are all due at least one year with a little spoiling, don't you?!

2011 did have some wonderful moments & nbsp;wrapped into it. & nbsp;We thoroughly enjoyed a visit by out-of-town family at Thanksgiving. & nbsp;You can't beat a festive combination of fun, family and food!

We did notice on the first evening that it was a bit hard to keep track of who's wine glass was who's since we all kept circulating about between the living room and the wonderful cheese and meat board in the kitchen. & nbsp;Of course, I had not gotten around to making wine charms for our home -- only given them away as gifts to others. & nbsp;(How many of you crafty people have crocheted blankets for everyone else's baby, but none of your kids have one? & nbsp;Oh, that would be me, too!)

So, while my sweet hubby made a fabulous breakfast for everyone the next morning, I slipped down to the studio for a little playtime with my hammers. & nbsp;I emerged with four beautiful wine charms. & nbsp;And we discovered they work great on coffee mugs, too!

I've since filled a couple of orders for personalized charms stamped with party guests' names, family names, and even a set of "toasts" - "cheers," "salute," "sante," and "opa." & nbsp;How fun!

Now you can order a set or two of your own. & nbsp;They are adjustable to fit thick or thin stemmed wine glasses. & nbsp;And since they are hand-forged from heavy gauge copper, they will last infinitely longer than their flimsy counterparts you'll find at the department store. & nbsp;No one wants to throw away their money these days. & nbsp;Invest it instead in something that will last and will serve you for many, many years to come -- be they years of character-building or well-earned comfort and peace!

Cheers to a wonderful year of health, peace, and joy in 2012!

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