Monte Cristo Sandwiches

I took a break from the kitchen this past weekend. Besides a salad and some breakfast for dinner, I didn't do any cooking. Although I love to cook, it is sometimes nice to take a break from the ordinary. Today was a rough day as well, so I was looking for something easy to make for dinner. I have been talking about making Monte Cristos for Josh for a long time now, so I decided that tonight would be the night.

I have to admit - I actually have no idea what goes into a real Monte Cristo. All I know is that one day, my brother came home after living away from the
house and made these wonderful sandwiches. At first, I thought - powdered sugar and raspberry jam on a sandwich with meat?? But I fell in love at first bite. I have since had them at a few restaurants where they were deep fried, but it seems to me like the constant ingredients (and most important, in my opinion) are the powdered sugar and raspberry jam. Most that I have eaten have had ham, turkey and swiss, but since Josh is not a fan of swiss, I did ham, turkey, provolone and some gouda. They turned out quite nicely!! No recipe for this one - I just dip the bread in an egg/milk mixture, pile in the fillings, and grill until brown and toasty. Then serve with powdered sugar and raspberry jam. An easy, filling, and easy dinner!!

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