Ham and Asparagus Quiche

I decided to make something bit lighter for dinner because we have been eating such heavy dishes lately. I usually start searching the internet when I am looking for something to make, but I decided this time to try one of the recipes that I have bookmarked from other food blogs. It was a tough decision, but I decided on the Ham and Asparagus Quiche recipe from Elise at Simply Recipes. I love her blog. I loved the pictures for this quiche - how each of the steps are lined out so nicely. I actually had everything on hand (except for a few substitutions) so it saved me a trip to the grocery store as well. I won't post the recipe here - you can go to her blog via the link above if you would like to see it and give it a try. I would highly recommend it!! The changes I made - I had a pre-made crust at home, so I totally cheated there. Not as good as homemade, but fast and easy. I also used Colby jack cheese instead, because that was what I had at home.

Just for a bit of humor (I thought it was funny, although I probably should have been offended!!) My husband is not known to just eat what I make. He loves my cooking, but
he also loves condiments. I always ask him how he can even taste the food when it is smothered in ketchup or ranch dressing, but he likes it that way. I don't share the same opinion - I like to be able to taste the food - not the condiments!! I thought I would include a picture of what happened to my quiche once Josh got a hold of it. This photo shows the addition of sour cream, ketchup, and salsa. After the photo he also added bacon bits and some crunchy salad topping. I thought it looked disgusting, but he ate it and said he liked it!!

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